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3 Payday Loan Approval Tips

loan cashIn recent years, the UK has seen huge job losses as the financial climate takes a plummet. Not only that, but the cost of living has increased, which leaves many people with no choice but to apply for a payday loan so they can pay the bills.

Do you find yourself in a position where you need quick money to meet your financial obligations? If this is the case, then you should look to apply for a payday loan as soon as possible, because once you are approved then you can expect to see the money in your bank account within hours.

It’s really easy to find payday loan lenders to apply to. There are literally hundreds of lenders with websites online, which means with a bit of searching around you can easily fill in multiple payday applications.

Although the acceptance rate for payday loans is extremely high, there are some people who get declined. If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you should check out the following payday loan approval tips…

Tell the truth

When filling out your payday loan application, it’s important that you always tell the truth. Some people think that telling a little lie about their situation won’t do any harm, but the fact of the matter is that it will usually mean your application will be denied.

You see, payday loan lenders have many different ways of checking the information you provide, and if they spot any inconsistencies then your application instantly gets declined.

Apply for less

Another way to improve your chances of being accepted for a payday loan is to apply for less. At the end of the day, lenders are much more likely to approve you if you only need a a few hundred pounds.

Many people hinder their chances because they apply for the maximum amount (usually around £2000) but the main problem is that this figure could be more than 100% of their monthly income.

Use a broker

Did you know that it is now possible to use an online broker to help you get accepted for payday loans. The main advantage of a broker is that they can apply to multiple lenders on your behalf, which means you won’t have to do all of the hard work yourself.

Ultimately, by using the services of a broker, you can apply to more lenders, which in turn increases your chances are getting approved.

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Some Quick Tips to Help You Save More Money

savings bankOne of the most common questions asked on the internet is “how to save more money?” Unfortunately, many people are finding it extremely tough right now, and they are desperately searching for solutions that will help put their bank account back into the green.

Pay close attention to these quick tips to help you save more money:

Get cheap car insurance

Finding the cheapest car insurance is a great way to save yourself a few hundred dollars a year, but where do you start looking? Two words…comparison website! This way, you can compare quotes side by side, and then choose the offer that fits in with your budget.

Always use cash

How many times have you gone to the shops only to spend way more than you wanted because of your credit card? Let’s face it, if you really are serious about saving more money than credit cards are a bad idea. That’s why you should always use cash, and cut up those credit cards before throwing them in the bin.

Set a spending budget

The main reason why most people always spend more money than they can afford is because they don’t set a spending budget. Instead, they draw out $40 here and $60 there, and never really have any idea how much they are spending. This is why it’s highly recommended to set a spending budget, so you only spend what you can afford.

Buy second hand

Whenever you need to buy something, you can save a lot more money by purchasing second hand instead of brand new. Luckily, this is now extremely easy, thanks to sites such as Craigslist and Ebay. In some cases, you will be able to find a “nearly new” product at a fraction of the price of what it costs in the shops, which means you grab a real bargain and save a lot of money in the process.

Stop trying to keep up

Many times, the number one reason why people spend more money than they can afford is because they are trying to keep up with everyone else. So what if your next door neighbor has just bought an expensive new car? For all you know, they could be completely broke and up to their eyeballs in debt so stop trying to compete. The only thing you should be concerning yourself with is saving more money and building a solid financial foundation for a brighter future.

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Why Regal Assets is The Best Gold IRA Company

gold bullionPlanning for your financial future is not always an easy task, especially if you want to know for sure that you will be secure during your retirement years.

For example, choosing a reliable and trustworthy gold IRA company has become a lot harder in recent years, due to the fact that many “rogue” companies have started to flood the market.

With this in mind, you might be wondering about the gold IRA company Regal Assets, and are looking for a regal assets review so you can find out the cold hard truth once and for all? Well, it’s your lucky day, as our resident experts have compiled the ultimate review about this company.


One of the first things that you should look for when assessing a Gold IRA company is how long have they been in business? After a little bit of research we found out that Regal Assets have been trading for over 10 years (since 2003) and have a long history of satisfied clients.

This is exactly what you want to see when investigating a gold IRA company, as there are clearly no skeletons in their closet and they obviously have nothing to hide.

Mainstream success

Interestingly, it appears that Regal Assets makes Inc 500 List on a regular basis, which means not only are they a successful company who are making a lot of money for their customers, but they are also trusted by the general public at large.

Make no mistake about it, Regal Assets are moving forward at a rapid rate, and in a few years time they will no doubt be seen as a national treasure to every American household around this great nation.

Customer reviews

Every time we research a gold IRA custodian company one of the first places our experts look for real customer reviews is on the Trustlink website. Typically, the vast majority of companies fall woefully short on this website, with very little or no customer reviews, and increasingly with extremely negative reviews.

However, we are pleased to tell you that Regal Assets really shine through as a beacon of light in a dark room on the Trustlink website. Not only have they got a maximum rating of 5 out of 5, but there are also many reviews from REAL people who have used their service for years.

This should inspire you with a lot of confidence, and it is our recommendation that you should feel 100% safe in using Regal Assets as your gold IRA company.

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Five Medical Negligence Tips – Claim £Thousands!

money calculatorThere was a time when medical negligence was a topic we knew nothing about, but these days you can’t even pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing more horror stores of doctors treating patients unfairly.

Make no mistake about it, medical negligence cases are definitely on the rise, and some people are even calling for serious action to be taken by the government so the medical industry can be cleaned up.

Have you been treated poorly by a doctor? If so, then these five medical negligence tips could help you claim thousands of pounds. Read on to discover more…

Get help

The first step to get the money you deserve is by seeking the help of a professional. In other words, you need to hire a solicitor who can take on your case and guide you through the process. There are many solicitors out there all vying for your business, so make sure do some research before coming to a final decision.

Start right away

Don’t leave it for another few months or years, as this severely hinders your chance of claiming any money at all. The more time that passes since you were treated unfairly by a doctor, the more chance they will be able to get away with it completely scot free.

Get a second opinion

The main mistake people make when pursuing a medical negligence case is not getting a second opinion from a qualified medical professional. In a nutshell, without a second opinion it basically comes down to your word against theirs, and if you don’t have any further evidence then don’t expect to win the case.

Work out your loss of earnings

Many times, people will be away from their job for many weeks or even months due to medical negligence. For this reason, you need to keep detailed records of all the loss of earnings you have suffered so you can be compensated accordingly.

Be prepared for a settlement

It’s common knowledge that the majority of doctors don’t want the case to go to court as it could hurt their reputation. This is why settlements are usually offered, where you have the chance to accept a lump sum payment for your physical and emotional distress.

Whether you accept this settlement is completely up to you, although if you do decide to decline, then you must be aware that going to court is very risky as you could end up with nothing.

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Smart Money Saving Advice For Couples

coupleIt’s no secret that the economy is hurting millions of people right now, which means if you want to get ahead then you need to be smart with your money. Whether you are planning to get married soon or want to save for your kids college education fund, it always pays to be cautious with your dollars.

Start planning for your future right now, with the money saving advice in this article.

Compare gas and electricity prices

Every nickel counts, and with so many energy companies such as ATCO Energy now competing for your custom, you have more options than in the past.

So before you pay that next gas or electricity bill, do some shopping around and compare the different companies in your local area. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

Get rid of cable or satellite packages

While cable and satellite companies entice you into a subscription with low trial prices, once this is over then you are often left with a hefty bill that is just not worth.

Be honest, how many channels do you and your partner actually watch on a regular basis? Probably not many, which is why you should get rid and start saving money instead.

Share a car

Having the freedom and luxury of your own car is not as affordable as it once was. For this reason, you might want to consider getting rid of one car and then sharing with your partner.

Sure, it might seem like a bit of a hassle at first, but when you consider all of the money you will be saving on expenses such as insurance, petrol, tax, and repairs, it might just be worth it.

Move into a smaller house

No matter if you are a home owner or you rent, moving into a smaller house is a solid piece of money saving advice.

Many couples have downsized in recent years, and have been enjoying the benefits of lower mortgage/rent payments, lower energy bills, and less maintenance costs. If you don’t have kids and don’t plan on having any in the near future, then this is definitely an option worth considering.

Cancel those gym memberships

Gym memberships don’t come cheap, and if you and your partner haven’t been for a workout in a few months, then it might just be time to admit that it isn’t something you can do on a regular basis.

Stop wasting your money by canceling the membership right away. You can always sign back up again if your circumstances change in the future.

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4 Different Loans Found Online

dollarThere are various reasons why you might require a loan. Perhaps you need some fast cash to cover this months rent? Or you could do with a large amount to buy a new house? Whatever your situation, you will find what you’re looking for below.

4 different loans found online:

Bridge loan

A bridge loan, also known as bridge financing is a way to unlock the value in a property while it is still on the market.

For example if you want to buy a new house before selling your old one, then a bridge loan is a great solution. Even better, bridge loans are easily found online, so you are only a few clicks away from securing the finance you want.

Payday loans

In a hurry for a small short term loan? Payday loans are the answer. Online payday lenders are everywhere these days, and with a bit of searching around you can easily find low interest rates and favorable repayment terms.

The average payday loan amount is $500, which is more than enough to cover a gap in your finances. Just make sure you pay back the money by the deadline date in order to avoid extra fees and charges.

Secured personal loan

When you require a large amount of money for a major purchase, then a secured personal loan might be your only option. In the past, your local bank was the place to go for a secured loan, but in recent years there are now many lenders to be found online.

Simply type “secured personal loan” into Google or Bing and you will find many different options to choose from. Just be aware that secured loans are risky in nature. If you fail to make the repayments then you could lose your house, which is why you should put in a lot of thought before signing on the dotted line.

Bank overdraft

A quick and easy way to unlock extra funds is to apply for a bank overdraft online. The main benefits to going down this route is that you get an instant decision and the interest rates are usually reasonable.

In order to get a bank overdraft, simply log-in to your online bank account and follow the on screen instructions.

The final word

Hopefully, you now have better idea of the different loans to be found online. Take your time, assess the options, and choose the best loan for your situation.

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Essential Tips to Help You Choose a PPI Claims Company

man in thoughtMany smart people are coming to the realization that claiming back PPI on your own is not a very good idea. Let’s face it, dealing with the banks by yourself is going to waste a lot of time, and just one small mistake could put an end to your PPI claim for good.

This is why using the services of a ppi claims company is becoming the number one choice for millions of people around the UK.

When you choose the right company, then your case will be put in the hands of someone who has many years experience dealing with PPI claims. This means you will minimize the risk of being rejected by the banks, and you can expect to receive a check for your compensation in as little as 6 weeks.

Imagine getting a check for £5000 in just 6 weeks from now…how would that change your life?

To see these kind of results, it’s essential that you choose the right PPI claims company. The information below will help you do that…

How much do they charge?

One of the first things you should find out when considering a PPI claims company is how much do they charge? The industry average is typically around 25% of the final amount awarded, which is considered a fair price to pay. If they are asking for a higher percentage, then you should look elsewhere.

Charging money upfront

Know this: a legitimate PPI company will never charge you any money upfront. With so many scam companies around, this is extremely risky, as there is nothing to protect you from losing your money for good. With this in mind, only work with a company that don’t charge for their services until you have been awarded a payout.

Are they regulated?

Every PPI claims company must be regulated by the Ministry of Justice if they want to be legal. For this reason, check to see if they have the seal of approval on their website, or ask them directly when speaking to a member of staff on the phone. If they can’t provide you with details of their regulation, then they are probably operating illegally which means you should stay well clear.

Beware of hype

Please understand that there are no guarantees in the world of PPI. No company can give you 100% assurance that your claim will be successful. If they are using hype or wild claims, then it is simply a marketing ploy to get you in the door.

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4 Tips For Claiming Accident Compensation

car crashEvery year millions of people are involved in accidents that were not their fault. Sometimes they suffer injuries that prevent them from working, which means they have a right to claim for loss of earnings.

Not only that, but there is also the emotional distress of being involved in an accident to consider, as it can take years to fully recover mentally.

Luckily, there is a way to fight back and claim for accident compensation. Here are 4 tips for anybody that wants to make a claim…

Injury claim solicitor

Without a doubt, hiring an injury claim solicitor is a smart move. They will be able to take on the case and use their many years of experience to get compensation in the shortest amount of time possible.

A good company to contact is as they have a proven track record of helping clients get what they deserve.

Send a claim letter

Once you hire an injury claim solicitor, then they will send a claim letter to the defendant on your behalf.

However, if you decide to go it alone, then you will need to do this yourself. As well as informing them on your decision to pursue a claim, you should also tell them how much your claim is worth.

For example, let’s say you slipped on a banana peel in the supermarket, then you might decide that this is worth $10,000 in compensation. Of course, if you have an injury claim solicitor on your side, then they can advise you on how much to claim.

Accepting a settlement

Many times, instead of going through the hassle of taking it to court, a defendant will take the easy option of offering a settlement as compensation. This means if you initially asked for $10,000, then they might offer you a settlement of $5000.

Only you can decide if this is acceptable. On the one hand, accepting the settlement will mean you don’t have to take the case to court, and you also get some quick cash in your pocket.

On the other hand, you might feel that you deserve more money for your physical and emotional distress, which means the settlement offer would be deemed unacceptable.

Never give up

Just remember that claiming accident compensation can take a bit of time, even if you have a very good solicitor working for you. The wheels of the justice system often move slowly, which means you need to have patience and be prepared for the long haul.

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“Invisible” Medical Negligence Cases Are Worth BILLIONS!

stethoscope blackIn a shocking report just released by an independent consumer health company, it was uncovered that there are potentially millions of medical negligence cases that will never see the light of day.

This means BILLIONS of pounds will be left unclaimed, and medical staff will continue treating patients unfairly without any consequence.

If you have even the slightest idea that you might have a legitimate medical negligence case, then you are urged to read more here to find out if your hunch is right.

Don’t leave it any longer, as your case could be time sensitive. Many people leave it for a few months, only to discover that their chance of claiming thousands of pounds just expired and they are left with nothing…only a broken heart and medical incompetence from their doctor.

So do you really have an “invisible” medical negligence case of your own? The answer is probably yes. You see, it’s no secret that the NHS is close to breaking point. The whole health care system is broken, and to make up for this, medical staff are under strict orders from their superiors to cut corners at every opportunity.

This means a doctor, surgeon, specialist, or nurse, will think nothing of tossing you aside like a piece of rancid meat, even when you have legitimate health concerns that warrant immediate attention by a qualified health professional.

In our opinion, this is just downright wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to happen, no matter how “stretched” the NHS currently is. At the end of the day, this isn’t North Korea or Soviet Russia…this is supposed to be one of the best countries in the world.

Well, it looks like the good old days of the British Empire are well and truly over. There was a time when the UK had a medical system that was envied by every other country in the world.

Famous surgeons from countries such as Sweden and Japan would beg to be allowed to sit in and observe a British surgeon at work.

However, in 2014, these countries wouldn’t even hire a British surgeon to walk through their hospital wards with a food cart shouting “chow time.”

Now that you know the facts, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to bury your head in the sand and pretend that a huge crime has not been committed against the people of Britain? Or are you going to stand up and be counted, by contacting a medical negligence company today?

The choice is yours…

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How to Sue a Doctor For Compensation

man doctorWhile the majority of doctors are good people who work to the best of their abilities, there are a minority out there that just don’t care.

If you have been unfairly treated by one of these doctors, or have been misdiagnosed or given the wrong treatment, then you are completely within your rights to launch a lawsuit against the doctor, so you can sue them for compensation.

Please be aware, that this is not about scamming the system or trying to get something for nothing. If you don’t really have a claim and you are simply “trying it on,” then don’t expect to get very far.

However, if you really are a VICTIM, and you have struggled as a result of medical negligence, then you should pursue this further.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when suing a doctor for compensation.

Act quickly

The longer you leave it, the more chance you won’t be able to make a successful claim. For this reason, you should aim to act quickly, and get the wheels in motion immediately. If you leave it a few years, then it’s very hard to get compensation.

Work with a legal claims company

The best way to sue a doctor for compensation is to work with a legal claims company. Let’s face it, you probably are not an expert in medical issues or the legal system, which is why you need someone in your corner who is. You should click here to find out more about how a legal claims company can help you.

Don’t take the first offer

Many times, a doctor will try to fob you off with a so called “settlement.” Unfortunately, many people snap at this bait, although they could have got a lot more if they had been prepared to hold on and even take the case to court.

Know this: 95% of doctors DO NOT want the case to go to court. Not only do they risk losing a lot of money, but their reputation could end up in tatters. With this in mind, understand that you hold all of the power in negotiations for an out of court settlement, which is why you should not accept a low ball offer.

Move on with your life

Once you have successfully sued a doctor for compensation, it’s important to move on with your life. Let go of any ill feelings that you have towards a doctor, and focus on regaining your health and getting better.

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Mis Sold PPI = 50 Million?

pound notesAs you are no doubt aware, PPI Claims are on the rise. But did you know that the amount of policies mis sold to innocent UK consumers could be close to 50 million?

The truth is finally starting to come out. A few years ago, it was claimed that 5 million PPI policies were mis sold. Then that number rose to 10 million. Then it shot to 20 million. And now…50 million!

There seems to be no end to the horror that banks have subjected innocent people to. Who knows, in a few years that figure might be closer to 100 million? It wouldn’t surprise us at all.

So what does this all mean? Well, when you consider the fact that so far there has only been around 5 million PPI compensation payouts (that’s billions of pounds by the way), there is still 90% of mis sold PPI waiting to be claimed by people just like you.

Even if you don’t think you have a claim, there is a high chance that you are wrong. The reason? Because many PPI policies were “hidden,” which means the majority of people had no idea that they were actually paying for PPI.

These banks are masters of the dark art of hiding things in the small print. Well, their cunning plan worked for a few years, but then the government rumbled their party.

Now they are being forced to pay back all of this mis sold PPI to the innocent victims of their evil plot. They nearly got away with it too, but luckily there are still some people in the government who are prepared to stand up for what is right.

What to do next?

It’s crucial that you get independent expert advice. The best way to do this is by contacting a PPI claims expert who can take a closer look at your case.

Don’t worry, these are NOT salesmen, and you won’t be pressured into doing anything that you don’t want to. Far from it. These independent experts are more like freedom fighters who have an overwhelming sense of justice.

They hate to see innocent victims like you trampled on in the mud by these big banker fat cats. The time for retribution is now, and luckily, your freedom fighter is only a phone call away.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a independent PPI expert immediately, and find out how much you could be owed in mis sold PPI.

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