goldWhen you’re strapped for cash or just need a bit of extra income this month, then selling gold is always an excellent option. Not only are gold prices near at all-time high, but there are many gold buying companies out there willing to buy up as much gold as you are willing to sell.

However, it’s important that you don’t rush into the process of getting cash 4 gold either online or offline, as there are some crucial tips you should pay attention to first.

Compare gold buying companies

One of the luxuries of selling gold in the current market is the fact there are so many gold buying companies out there. This puts you firmly in control, which means you must use this to your advantage by comparing as many different companies as possible.

Check for previous customer reviews, make sure they are offering the highest price for your gold, and speak to their support team before moving ahead with the transaction.

Selling gold online

Don’t be scared to sell gold online…it’s actually really common these days, and there is virtually zero chance you will get ripped off as long as you choose a legitimate gold buying company.

Basically, once you have agreed to the sale, the company will pay for you to send the gold via registered post or they might even send a courier if you have a lot of gold. Nothing could be easier, and it means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get cash for gold.

Make sure you really want to sell

You might be in a tight spot right now and selling your gold seems like the only way out? Actually, you might have more options than you realize, which means it’s possible you don’t have to sell that gold jewelery that has been in your family for years.

As an example, if you are in debt and desperately need to make this month’s payments, instead of selling gold to raise the cash why not try speaking with the loan company first? They might be able to arrange a different payment plan to lighten the load and relieve your financial pressure, and ultimately, give you much needed breathing space so you don’t have to sell your valuable gold.


Selling gold is a great way to get quick cash and improve your financial situation. Just remember that you should explore other options to raise money first, and never feel rushed into making a deal with a gold buying company.