workIf you spend all day dreaming about doing something new then it could be time for a career change. Ultimately, many people get bored and frustrated in the same old job, which is why trying something new could be the solution to feeling happier.

However, don’t make the change just yet as it’s not always the best decision to make a career change. Many people think the grass is greener on the other side, only to find that it was all an illusion.

Consider these 4 things before making up your mind…

Understanding why you want to change

Firstly, you must take a long and hard look at your current situation and try to understand why you want to make a change. For example, you might have been constantly looked over for a promotion or have just found that you can’t get a bigger salary in your industry.

On the flip side, you might be looking at another industry where the chances for promotions seem abundant and the earning potential is unlimited.

Be realistic about your age

While you shouldn’t allow your age to be a factor in whether or not you change careers and seek out a happier life, you must be realistic about what is possible.

As an example, if you’re 55 and suddenly decide that you want to pursue your dream of being an astronaut, then there is a very high chance you won’t be able to realize this goal. At this age there are many things you can do though, so don’t think that changing careers is a waste of time.

What interests you about a new career?

Take the time to write down what specific things interest you about a potential new career. Sure, more money and chance for promotions is good, but there has to be other things that get you motivated enough to stick with it over the long term once you make the change.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work with animals, or want a job that allows you to work outdoors in the fresh air rather than indoors at a desk all day? Make a list to increase your desire for a career change.

Are you prepared to train?

Many careers will require you to take part in online training as well as getting on the job experience.

This is why you often have to put in extra hours to become fully qualified, which means working in the evening and at weekends. Going down this route is not easy, and is why you must think everything over before coming to a decision