studentThere has been much debate on sites like about whether or not students should be allowed to apply for credit cards.

Some experts argue that it isn’t a very good idea, mainly because it just puts them under more financial pressure, especially if they already have a student loan.

That’s just one side of the argument though. Below you will find 6 reasons why students should have credit cards.

Build a good credit score

When used responsibly, a credit card is an excellent tool to help any student build up a good credit score. This means in a few years time they will find it easier to get accepted for things like car loans and mortgages.

Security when buying online

Perhaps one of the main reasons why credit cards are a good idea for students is because of security. If they get scammed when buying something online or don’t receive the product they paid for, then they are protected by the credit card company and will be reimbursed.

Cashback and deals

Let’s face it, the life of a student is often financially tough, and this is why taking every advantage possible is essential. Luckily, credit cards come with many bonuses such as cashback and special deals from selected partners, which means students will be able to save money and get essential purchases cheaper.

0% interest deals

There are now many credit card companies that offer 0% interest deals for a selected period of time, so when students are prepared to use them responsibly they can easily take advantage of this by using multiple cards.

Safer than carrying cash

If a student gets some cash stolen then it is gone and probably won’t be seen again. However, if their credit card is stolen or lost then everything is protected, and it’s a simple phone call to the credit card company to cancel the card.

Unexpected financial emergency

Sometimes there is just no getting away from the fact that unexpected financial emergencies will happen. Maybe the car needs fixing or the rent needs paying? In situations like this it’s handy to have some cash saved away to take care of it, but if this is not possible then a credit card is there to save the day.


So there we have it, 6 reasons why students should have credit cards. Maybe you agree or disagree with this article? Let us know in the comment section below.