dollarsMaybe you’ve just had a small win on the lottery? Or perhaps you found a stash of cash in the attic? It doesn’t matter how you came across 10 thousand dollars, all that matters right now is how you are going to spend it? Let’s give you some ideas…

Invest in real estate

Is $10,000 enough to buy a house or apartment? No. But if you go through a service like then you can buy a percentage of a property and start to earn rental income. Pretty good wouldn’t you agree?

Write the next great novel

If you fancy yourself as an author, then 10 thousand dollars could be used to get your novel out there. Sure, writing it won’t cost you much, but paying for services such as editing, designing, and publicity soon beings to add up. 10 thousand dollars is a good start.

Get a big TV

Have you ever wanted one of those huge LCD TV’s that cover your entire wall? This is your chance, as $10,000 should buy you a pretty big TV from a well known brand name such as Sony or Hitachi. Get some surround sound speakers and you are all set for a great experience watching your favorite shows and movies.

Travel round the world

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get out of small town America and see some of the world. With this kind of money you can, as you’ve now got more than enough to buy a round the world ticket and also have enough left over for accommodation and food. You could soon be touring countries in Europe, Asia, and South America and having a great time.

Save the money

Sometimes it’s best to play it safe, and there is nothing more safe than putting 10 thousand dollars into a savings account with your bank. It might be a little bit boring, and most people won’t be able to do it, but it is the sensible approach. Just make sure you put the money in a savings account that gives you a high rate of interest.

Spend it in 1 day

If you want to go really crazy then why not try spending 10 thousand dollars in one day? You could treat your family to a meal at a very expensive restaurant, rent a Ferrari for the day, or even just walk around the streets giving the money away. This kind of spending spree isn’t for everybody, but it will certainly be a memorable experience.