hutEvery year thousands of sheds are sold in New Zealand, and while the vast majority of buyers get it right and have no problems, there are a small percentage that end up with less than stellar results.

So how do you avoid making those crucial mistakes when buying garden sheds nz this year? Keep reading to discover more…

Not checking the height

The number one mistake that shed buyers make is not checking the height, especially if you are over 6 feet tall and don’t want to be crouching down all of the time. Check that there is plenty of room for your height before going through with the purchase.

Buying the wrong kind of shed

If you want a shed that is going to be durable and will last for a long time, then going for a cheap plastic shed is not the best idea. Instead, a more expensive metal shed would be a much better choice. Plan your needs ahead of time and you are in a better position to choose the right kind of shed.

Not shopping around

Right now there are quite a few different shed suppliers and retailers in New Zealand, which means in order to get the deal possible you should spend some time shopping around and comparing prices.

Visit local stores to see what they have in stock, while at the same time checking the online sites to see how their prices compare.

Not thinking about council building laws

It’s not uncommon for someone in New Zealand to put up a large shed in their back garden, only to then find out they have broken a council building law and they have to take it down.

This is why if you are planning to put up a larger shed it’s crucial to consult with your local council to find out about any regulations or restrictions that may apply to you.

Buying from overseas

In recent years there have been cheaper sheds coming onto the market from countries in Asia, and although these prices might seem attractive the quality typically is not there.

Know this: the craftsmanship of New Zealand sheds is among the best in the world and this is why paying a bit extra is always worth it in the end. Never compromise on quality.

Not thinking about installation

Do you have the time or skills to properly install the shed? If not, then you might want to ensure that any shed you buy comes with an installation service when it is delivered. Otherwise, you might end up with a flat-pack shed just sitting in your garage.