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How to Sue a Doctor For Compensation

man doctorWhile the majority of doctors are good people who work to the best of their abilities, there are a minority out there that just don’t care.

If you have been unfairly treated by one of these doctors, or have been misdiagnosed or given the wrong treatment, then you are completely within your rights to launch a lawsuit against the doctor, so you can sue them for compensation.

Please be aware, that this is not about scamming the system or trying to get something for nothing. If you don’t really have a claim and you are simply “trying it on,” then don’t expect to get very far.

However, if you really are a VICTIM, and you have struggled as a result of medical negligence, then you should pursue this further.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when suing a doctor for compensation.

Act quickly

The longer you leave it, the more chance you won’t be able to make a successful claim. For this reason, you should aim to act quickly, and get the wheels in motion immediately. If you leave it a few years, then it’s very hard to get compensation.

Work with a legal claims company

The best way to sue a doctor for compensation is to work with a legal claims company. Let’s face it, you probably are not an expert in medical issues or the legal system, which is why you need someone in your corner who is. You should click here to find out more about how a legal claims company can help you.

Don’t take the first offer

Many times, a doctor will try to fob you off with a so called “settlement.” Unfortunately, many people snap at this bait, although they could have got a lot more if they had been prepared to hold on and even take the case to court.

Know this: 95% of doctors DO NOT want the case to go to court. Not only do they risk losing a lot of money, but their reputation could end up in tatters. With this in mind, understand that you hold all of the power in negotiations for an out of court settlement, which is why you should not accept a low ball offer.

Move on with your life

Once you have successfully sued a doctor for compensation, it’s important to move on with your life. Let go of any ill feelings that you have towards a doctor, and focus on regaining your health and getting better.

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4 Common Questions About Claiming For Accident or Injury

accident 2 carsInjured at work? Fell over in a public place? Broken bones due to a car accident?

If you have suffered from any of the above scenarios, then you may be thinking about claiming for compensation? At the end of the day, you are well within your rights to do so, as suffering an injury or being in an accident could affect your ability to work and earn money.

Unfortunately, claiming for accident or injury is a confusing subject, which is why we have compiled the most common questions and answers below…

What is the fastest way to make a claim?

When speed is of the essence, you should hire a company like compensation claims assist to start working on your compensation claim right away.

Trying to go it alone can be tempting, but you will quickly find yourself frustrated and burned out with the endless forms. Hire an expert so you are in safe hands.

I don’t have any symptoms…can I still make a claim?

Just because you don’t have any symptoms, that doesn’t means there is nothing wrong with you. In a shocking report, a consumer action group discovered that 67% of people who were involved in an accident while at work or in a public place, did not start to show any symptoms of injury until over a year later.

Because of this, we advise you to visit a hospital immediately after any accident. They will be able to run the relevant tests, and pick up anything that may be hidden for now.

Is claiming for accident or injury just a load of old nonsense?

Not at all. Sure, there are a minority of people out there that look to abuse the system. For example, about a year ago, a policewoman in the UK tripped over a kerb and then tried to get compensation for “emotional distress.”

However, in the vast majority of cases the claims are made by people who have suffered very real accidents or incidents. These are genuine claims, where compensation is usually well deserved and much needed to replace loss of earnings or help with medical bills.

I have been offered a settlement, should I take it?

If your employer or anybody else offers you a settlement, you should consult with a compensation claims specialist before accepting.

The reason? Because you could be owed a lot more, and they might simply be trying to buy you off with a low ball offer that would save them thousands of dollars. Never agree to anything or sign a document without speaking to a specialist first.

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6 Life Insurance Tips

6 Life Insurance Tips

Life insurance is essential for your peace of mind. If you want your loved ones to be taken care of in the event of your death, then it’s essential that you get adequate life insurance cover.

Wouldn’t it make you feel better knowing that your family will get a nice lump sum should the worst ever happen? They will need to replace your monthly salary and keep the money coming in to survive. Don’t put them at risk, get your life insurance sorted out as soon as possible.

Here are some life insurance tips to help you get the best policy:

Look online

Whether you are planning on using a broker, or going direct to a company, the best place to get quotes is online. You can visit a website such as My Cheap Life Insurance to get more information and discover how you can get some fantastic deals.

Needs analysis

Always request a needs analysis. This gives you a better idea of how much life insurance you will require, so you can be absolutely sure that you are getting adequate cover. Also, make use of a life cover calculator, which can be found on various websites around the internet.

Always be truthful

The golden rule of applying for life insurance is to always tell the truth and never withhold any information. If you lie on your application, then this could make your policy invalid in the event of your death. Don’t put your family at risk…always be truthful.

Ask questions

Before signing any documentation it’s a good idea to look closely at your policy and ask questions if you are unsure of anything. If you are still not convinced then don’t sign the documents. There are plenty of life insurance companies out there, so never feel pressured into signing anything if you don’t feel comfortable.

Going on holiday

One important aspect that many people overlook is going on holiday. Quite simply, if you are planning a trip in the future, then you should inform your life insurance provider of your plans. Not many people realize this, but certain policies might not provide cover in some countries, so it is always best to check.

Always be reviewing your policy

Things are always changing, which is why you need to review your policy on a regular basis. For example, if you have another child, then this increases your debt burden, which means you need to make changes to your policy to cover this.

David Kercher is a life insurance broker and he kindly added this post.

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