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Buying a Shed in New Zealand? Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes…

hutEvery year thousands of sheds are sold in New Zealand, and while the vast majority of buyers get it right and have no problems, there are a small percentage that end up with less than stellar results.

So how do you avoid making those crucial mistakes when buying garden sheds nz this year? Keep reading to discover more…

Not checking the height

The number one mistake that shed buyers make is not checking the height, especially if you are over 6 feet tall and don’t want to be crouching down all of the time. Check that there is plenty of room for your height before going through with the purchase.

Buying the wrong kind of shed

If you want a shed that is going to be durable and will last for a long time, then going for a cheap plastic shed is not the best idea. Instead, a more expensive metal shed would be a much better choice. Plan your needs ahead of time and you are in a better position to choose the right kind of shed.

Not shopping around

Right now there are quite a few different shed suppliers and retailers in New Zealand, which means in order to get the deal possible you should spend some time shopping around and comparing prices.

Visit local stores to see what they have in stock, while at the same time checking the online sites to see how their prices compare.

Not thinking about council building laws

It’s not uncommon for someone in New Zealand to put up a large shed in their back garden, only to then find out they have broken a council building law and they have to take it down.

This is why if you are planning to put up a larger shed it’s crucial to consult with your local council to find out about any regulations or restrictions that may apply to you.

Buying from overseas

In recent years there have been cheaper sheds coming onto the market from countries in Asia, and although these prices might seem attractive the quality typically is not there.

Know this: the craftsmanship of New Zealand sheds is among the best in the world and this is why paying a bit extra is always worth it in the end. Never compromise on quality.

Not thinking about installation

Do you have the time or skills to properly install the shed? If not, then you might want to ensure that any shed you buy comes with an installation service when it is delivered. Otherwise, you might end up with a flat-pack shed just sitting in your garage.

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Don’t Get Ripped Off by a Mechanic

mechanicIn a recent survey it emerged that 67% of Americans believed they had been ripped of by a mechanic at some point. This truly is a shocking statistic, and just goes to show where the public perception of this trade is right now.

Are mechanics really that bad? Not really, and in fact, many garages are completely professional and reputable, and are there to ensure your car is in top shape and ready for the road. They will charge you a fair price and only carry out work that actually needs doing.

Unfortunately, it is the small minority that always get the headlines, and this is the same when it comes to mechanics. There are some out there who only want to deceive and rip off their customers…all to make a quick buck, and it is these so called “mechanics” that you should be wary of.

Don’t get ripped off by following the tips below.

Where do they store your car?

If your car is being kept in overnight ask where they store it? In the garage or under Widespan Dark carports in a secure compound is fine, but if they are parking it on the street or putting it in a place where criminals can easily get to then your car is not safe.

Learn about your car

The best way to ensure you don’t get ripped off by a mechanic is to learn more about your car so you have some basic knowledge about what is going on. A rogue trader typically likes to rip off people who are clueless about the problem, but this can’t happen if you have been doing your research.

Get an estimate

Never under any circumstances allow a mechanic to start work on your car without getting an estimate first. If you don’t get this, then you are basically handing them a blank check and saying you don’t care how much they charge you.

Instead, always get an estimate before work starts and get them to sign their name to it and request they seek your permission first if any other work needs to be carried out. Sure, the price might go a bit over what they estimated, but it won’t be much.

Shop around

The main mistake a lot of people make is feeling like they have to hire the first mechanic they go and see. It’s almost like they are obligated once the car is parked in their garage. Don’t make this mistake.

You are well within your rights to shop around and take it to as many garages as you want for a second, third, or even fourth quote.

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Great Reasons to Have a Family Vacation in the Wilderness Including Cost!

hikeIf you want to get away from it all for a few weeks with the family, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then a vacation in the wilderness could be the answer.

All you need is a tent, some basic camping gear, and a way to get there, and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying the fresh air and everything that nature has to offer.

Below are some great reasons to have your next family vacation in the wilderness.

Good for troubled teens

Many studies have shown the huge benefits that troubled teens can get from spending just a few days in the wilderness. It helps to clear their mind, get away from bad influences, and connect with nature.

You could send them to a wilderness program for troubled teens or simply have a family vacation where you can spend some quality time together.

It’s very educational

On a normal vacation, all families typically do is sit on the beach, swim in the sea, and watch TV in the hotel room.

On a wilderness vacation there is far more things to see and do, which makes it very educational for the whole family. There will be opportunity to visit historical sites, find out about nature, and learn valuable skills such as rafting and climbing.

Helps to get everybody active

If your main exercise is getting off the couch to walk to the fridge, then it is obvious you need to get more active.

Luckily, this is easily achieved on a wilderness vacation, where you are able to hike, swim, and run in all directions, and play games until the sun comes down. All of the family will burn calories and feel tired at the end of a long day.

Save money

Of course, the main attraction of a wilderness vacation is the fact you barely spend any money at all. Borrow a tent if you don’t already own one and keep your packing list light.

There is no need to buy more clothes or equipment for the vacation, just keep it simple and enjoy spending quality time with your family without any distractions.

Many different places

If you really enjoy your first vacation in the wilderness, then it’s good to know there are many different places to visit all over the country.

For example, one year you could visit California, while the next year it could be Montana. The choices are endless.

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Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips

money balancingIf you want to discover extra dollars in your monthly budget, then saving money during your grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Supermarkets are all in competition for your custom, and if you play it right then there is no reason you can’t save thousand of dollars a year.

Here are some grocery shopping money saving tips:

Go natural

Eating natural processed and jink foods might be convenient, but they also come with a higher price tag. In order to save money, buy foods as naturally as possible, without all of the expensive packaging and plastic. Look for vegetables, herbs, fruits, beef jerky and fish so you are able to cook meals from scratch.

Make a plan

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with the intention of not spending much money, only to end up spending a lot of money. This is because you are not planning what you’re going to buy in advance, and are just buying whatever you see. Make a plan and stick to it, being very careful not to go over budget.

Don’t use credit cards

Another way people end up overspending when grocery shopping is to take their credit card and then start spending money they don’t really have. It’s a much better idea to take cash, which makes it impossible to overspend.

Use coupons

Because there is so much competition between supermarkets they are constantly offering coupons on your favorite products and brands. Where do you find these coupons you might be asking? Well, for one you can check newspapers and magazines, as well as the official supermarket websites themselves. Also, check with family and friends, as people often save coupons they don’t end up using.

Buy in bulk

If a tin of chicken soup costs 1 dollar, but you can a pack of 10 tins for 9 dollars, then common sense tells you it’s worth buying in bulk to save money. This is especially true with tinned and canned goods, as they typically have long expiry dates so they can stored for a long time and eaten at any time.

Check the special offers

These grocery shopping money saving tips wouldn’t be complete without telling you to check the special offers that each supermarket currently has available You do this on their website, and then carefully choose where the best deals are to be found so you are able to save the most amount of money.

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8 Simple Porsche Buying Tips and Tricks

porsche-911 yellowThere is nothing quite like driving your very own Porsche on the roads with the top down and the wind flowing through your hair. Let’s face it, most people can’t afford to buy a Porsche, so you are certain to be the center of attention once behind the wheel.

Here are 8 simple Porsche buying tips and tricks:

Set a budget

Without a doubt, one of the best tips to keep in mind when buying a Porsche is to set a budget…and then stick to it. A lot of people ignore this rule, and then end up paying more than they can afford.

Do your research

There is a wealth of information out there regarding the Porsche line of cars, so make sure you read as much as you can so you are able to gain the right knowledge.

Consider future expenses

Make no mistake about it, any kind of Porsche will cost you a lot of money, but the expenses don’t stop there. For example, if you’re an Orange County resident then you also have fuel, car insurance, and tax, as well as looking for a Porsche service Orange County company that can keep it running smoothly.

Use the internet

Want to get the best price on the Porsche model you’re planning to buy? If this is the case then the internet is your friend, especially if you go on over to a price comparison website.

Buy second hand

Who says that your Porsche has to be brand new? There are many places to find second hand bargains, such as eBay, Craigslist, specialist Porsche websites, or even your local newspaper.

Bring a friend

If you’re going to take a look at a Porsche and you don’t know that much about cars, you should always take a friend along who does. They can inspect the car more closely and give you their expert opinion.

Take it for a test drive

How could you part with all that cash without taking the Porsche out for a test drive first? Not only does this give you a taste of what it’s like to get behind the wheel of one of these cars, but you can also potentially pick up any problems while on the road.

Beware of “too good to be true”

Every now and again you’ll see a Porsche being advertised that has a really low price tag and is far cheaper than what it should be. In other words, the deal is “too good to be true,” and 99.9% of the time it is. There is probably something wrong with it so be very cautious if you decide to proceed.

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Easy Ways to Save Money Around The House

property savingsEverybody could use a few extra dollars in their pocket each month, but finding ways to save money is not always straight forward. Many financial experts agree that the best place to start is around the house, as making just a few simple changes could turn into hundreds of extra dollars without much effort.

Keen to find out more? Keep reading to discover the easy ways you can save money around the house.

The television

Did you know that the humble television could be sucking money right out of your wallet, and you’re not even realizing it? For example, leaving the TV on at night wastes unnecessary electricity, while at the same time, expensive cable packages with hundreds of channels you don’t watch are costing you money.

With this in mind, always turn off the TV at the plug when not in use, and downgrade or get rid of cable completely, and opt for a cheaper service such as Netflix.

Buy items online

No matter if you are looking to buy curtain fabric or a new computer, you will almost always find the best prices online.

Amazon is usually a good starting point for general items, while specialist online stores are the best choice when you want to buy something more specific with more options. Don’t worry, entering your credit card details online is now perfectly safe as long as you are dealing with a trusted retailer.

Plan your meals

Want to know a simple trick for saving hundreds, and even thousands of dollars over the next 12 months? All you have to do is plan your meals on a weekly basis and then you are in a perfect position to buy only what you need when grocery shopping.

This eliminates waste and stops you from buying items that are not essential. As long as you stick to your meal plans then you will save money…guaranteed.

Turn off lights

Why do millions of people leave on lights when they are not even in the room? The amount of money thrown down the drain due to wasted electricity is staggering, and could be avoided completely if you just got into the habit of turning off lights when you leave the room or house.

Another good tips is to buy energy saving light bulbs that use up to 80% less electricity than ordinary light bulbs without any noticeable decrease in quality. They are slightly more expensive to buy initially, but over the long term you end up saving a lot of money.

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