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Main Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Clothes Online

sweatersWhen you consider that most clothes are cheaper online than on the high street, then it’s easy to see why millions of consumers now shop this way.

Not only that, but it’s also incredibly convenient, and with only a few clicks of your mouse you can do all of your clothes shopping in a lazy afternoon.

Buying clothes online does have some downsides though, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, if you get the measurements wrong in the ordering process then you’ll end up with clothes that don’t fit and have to be sent back, which ultimately, ends up wasting your time.

Below are the main things to keep in mind when shopping online:

Choose a trusted retailer

Don’t make the mistake of shopping at the first retailer you come across, as they might not be the safest. Unfortunately, credit card details are still being stolen online, which means you need to take the right precautions to keep yourself safe.

Let’s say you are shopping for movie costumes online and want to find a trusted retailer. The best way to do this is by searching on Google for relevant keywords and then going to one of the sites at the top of the results.

In this case, the best site would be as they always come out on top, so you can feel very confident about entering your credit card details and completing the transaction.

Look out for the shipping charges

Whenever you are buying clothes online then you’ll often have to pay shipping charges to get the package delivered to your front door. This is not always straight forward though, and many people get tricked into paying more than they should.

For this reason, it’s essential that you pay very close attention to the final price, and then look to see exactly how much you are being charged for shipping.

Also, be aware that many clothing retail sites will automatically add next day delivery to your order, which in many cases is a lot more expensive than normal delivery.

Understand the refund policy

Sometimes you will buy an item of clothing that just doesn’t fit. It’s frustrating, but it happens, and when it does you will have to send it back for a refund.

The vast majority of internet clothing retailers offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee, as long as you keep the tags on and send it back in the same condition as you received it.

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4 Renewable Energy Sources For The Future

wind farmFossil fuels such as coal and oil supply us with the vast majority of our energy. Unfortunately, this is not going to last forever, and at some point in the future we will need to switch over to renewable energy sources if we want to keep on enjoying things such as electricity.

There are many energy companies who are currently exploring the possibilities of using renewable sources and have made a commitment to gradually increase the amount they use with each passing year.

Just take a look at and you’ll clearly see many of the top energy suppliers are going green and taking these kind of issues very seriously.

So what are some of the renewable energy sources currently being used that will become huge in the future? Here are 4 of them…

Solar energy

By far the biggest source of renewable energy is solar power, and by the year 2030 it is estimated that 57% of energy companies in North America will use this as their primary way of generating energy to supply homes with services such as heating, lighting, and cooling.

Not only that, but homeowners can also do their part in the solar energy revolution, by installing solar panels on their roof and generating energy for their home naturally.

Wind energy

As we speak, thousands of wind turbines are being built in countries such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, and UK.

These powerful machines perform the simple task of turning natural wind into energy, and forward thinking energy companies are harnessing this power to supply their customers with electricity. Expect to see millions of wind turbines appearing over the next 25 years.

Water energy

Another renewable energy source that will be huge in the future is water energy, also known as hydropower.

In a nutshell, the flowing water in a lake, river, or ocean, can be fed into a turbine or generator and then used to supply homes with electricity. Expect to see hydropower talked about on the TV and in Newspapers a lot over the coming years.

Geothermal energy

One renewal energy source that you might not have heard about is geothermal energy. So what is it? Basically, it taps into the heat that is generated naturally inside the earth and then uses things such as steam and hot water to produce electricity and other sources of power that are essential for residential areas and business use.

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Some Quick Tips to Help You Save More Money

savings bankOne of the most common questions asked on the internet is “how to save more money?” Unfortunately, many people are finding it extremely tough right now, and they are desperately searching for solutions that will help put their bank account back into the green.

Pay close attention to these quick tips to help you save more money:

Get cheap car insurance

Finding the cheapest car insurance is a great way to save yourself a few hundred dollars a year, but where do you start looking? Two words…comparison website! This way, you can compare quotes side by side, and then choose the offer that fits in with your budget.

Always use cash

How many times have you gone to the shops only to spend way more than you wanted because of your credit card? Let’s face it, if you really are serious about saving more money than credit cards are a bad idea. That’s why you should always use cash, and cut up those credit cards before throwing them in the bin.

Set a spending budget

The main reason why most people always spend more money than they can afford is because they don’t set a spending budget. Instead, they draw out $40 here and $60 there, and never really have any idea how much they are spending. This is why it’s highly recommended to set a spending budget, so you only spend what you can afford.

Buy second hand

Whenever you need to buy something, you can save a lot more money by purchasing second hand instead of brand new. Luckily, this is now extremely easy, thanks to sites such as Craigslist and Ebay. In some cases, you will be able to find a “nearly new” product at a fraction of the price of what it costs in the shops, which means you grab a real bargain and save a lot of money in the process.

Stop trying to keep up

Many times, the number one reason why people spend more money than they can afford is because they are trying to keep up with everyone else. So what if your next door neighbor has just bought an expensive new car? For all you know, they could be completely broke and up to their eyeballs in debt so stop trying to compete. The only thing you should be concerning yourself with is saving more money and building a solid financial foundation for a brighter future.

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Smart Money Saving Advice For Couples

coupleIt’s no secret that the economy is hurting millions of people right now, which means if you want to get ahead then you need to be smart with your money. Whether you are planning to get married soon or want to save for your kids college education fund, it always pays to be cautious with your dollars.

Start planning for your future right now, with the money saving advice in this article.

Compare gas and electricity prices

Every nickel counts, and with so many energy companies such as ATCO Energy now competing for your custom, you have more options than in the past.

So before you pay that next gas or electricity bill, do some shopping around and compare the different companies in your local area. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

Get rid of cable or satellite packages

While cable and satellite companies entice you into a subscription with low trial prices, once this is over then you are often left with a hefty bill that is just not worth.

Be honest, how many channels do you and your partner actually watch on a regular basis? Probably not many, which is why you should get rid and start saving money instead.

Share a car

Having the freedom and luxury of your own car is not as affordable as it once was. For this reason, you might want to consider getting rid of one car and then sharing with your partner.

Sure, it might seem like a bit of a hassle at first, but when you consider all of the money you will be saving on expenses such as insurance, petrol, tax, and repairs, it might just be worth it.

Move into a smaller house

No matter if you are a home owner or you rent, moving into a smaller house is a solid piece of money saving advice.

Many couples have downsized in recent years, and have been enjoying the benefits of lower mortgage/rent payments, lower energy bills, and less maintenance costs. If you don’t have kids and don’t plan on having any in the near future, then this is definitely an option worth considering.

Cancel those gym memberships

Gym memberships don’t come cheap, and if you and your partner haven’t been for a workout in a few months, then it might just be time to admit that it isn’t something you can do on a regular basis.

Stop wasting your money by canceling the membership right away. You can always sign back up again if your circumstances change in the future.

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5 UNUSUAL Finance Tips For College Students

student on computerWe all know that being a college student is a difficult time financially. Money flies out the window at the speed of sound, and in no time at all, you are left in a real tight spot having to rely upon high interest loans just to get by.

Luckily, there is hope. You don’t need to live in poverty while attending college. In fact, if you follow our tips below, then you will probably be able to live like a king!

Here are 5 unusual finance tips for college students:

Free laptops

Don’t have the money to buy a new laptop? No problem! You see, there are now a number of college’s offering free laptops to students enrolling in one of their courses.

This means that if you have yet to choose a college, then now is the time to strike. Simply search for online schools that give you a laptop to see what options are available.

Don’t drink bottled water

As you are no doubt aware, bottled water is extremely expensive. With this in mind, it’s a much better idea to carry a water bottle around, so you can fill it up around campus. This little finance tip will easily save you a few hundred dollars a year.

Get into the habit of saving

97% of students don’t save any money on a regular basis. At the end of the day, now is the time to think about your future, which is why you should get into the habit of saving a portion of your income every month. Even if it’s only $200 a month, you will be building a solid financial foundation for your future.

Don’t buy a car

Although there are some advantages to owning your own car as a student, the reality of the situation is that they are one big money pit. Not only do you have expenses such as tax, insurance, and fuel to contend with, but you will also require deep pockets when the car needs to be repaired.

Instead, purchase a second hand bicycle, so you can keep travel costs to a bare minimum and stay fit in the process.

Avoid credit cards

Credit car companies are masters at luring you into their evil web of financial torture. Sure, getting a credit card seems like a blast at first, but things can quickly spiral out of control.

In no time at all, you could be thousands of dollars in the red, and your financial future will be in tatters. Don’t take the risk. Avoid credit cards at all costs.

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How to Stretch Your Paycheck Month After Month

paid stampIt’s 2013 and the cost of living is not getting any cheaper. For this reason, if you want to survive in this tough economic climate then you need to make your income go further.

How to stretch your paycheck month after month:

DSL providers

Finding cheap DSL is not always easy. However, if you’re prepared to put in the effort, then you can drastically reduce the monthly fees.

Go online to Find Local DSL Providers so you are able to compare prices and get the best deal possible.

Avoid debt

You should make it your top priority to avoid debt as much as possible. Quite simply, once you get into debt, then a large proportion of your paycheck will go towards minimum payments and extra charges and fees.

Set a budget

The easiest way to make your paycheck go further is to set a budget. This means listing all of your expenses so you know exactly where every dollar is going. You should also look to eliminate unnecessary expenses, so you can cut down on your spending.

Start saving

Have you considered saving ten percent of your income every month? If you put the money into a high interest savings account, then in a few short months you will have a nice little stash of cash.

Not only that, but this money can also be used as an emergency fund in the future, which means you won’t need to rely on loans or credit cards in a financial tough spot.

Cook from scratch

Grocery shopping will make up a large portion of your spending each month. However, buying takeaway and junk foods will quickly start to add up, which means your paycheck won’t stretch as far as it should.

With this in mind, it’s a much better idea to cook from scratch using mostly natural ingredients. Don’t know how to cook? No problem! The best way forward is to invest in some simple recipe books from a site such as Amazon.

In no time at all you will be cooking meals from scratch almost every day and saving yourself a small fortune.

Use coupons

Almost every major store now publishes coupons on a regular basis. With a bit of searching around, you can easily find a whole range of coupons to use both online and offline, so you are able to make your paycheck stretch further.

The best way to find coupons is to sign up for a newsletter that will alert you when coupons from your favorite store are released.

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