mechanicIn a recent survey it emerged that 67% of Americans believed they had been ripped of by a mechanic at some point. This truly is a shocking statistic, and just goes to show where the public perception of this trade is right now.

Are mechanics really that bad? Not really, and in fact, many garages are completely professional and reputable, and are there to ensure your car is in top shape and ready for the road. They will charge you a fair price and only carry out work that actually needs doing.

Unfortunately, it is the small minority that always get the headlines, and this is the same when it comes to mechanics. There are some out there who only want to deceive and rip off their customers…all to make a quick buck, and it is these so called “mechanics” that you should be wary of.

Don’t get ripped off by following the tips below.

Where do they store your car?

If your car is being kept in overnight ask where they store it? In the garage or under Widespan Dark carports in a secure compound is fine, but if they are parking it on the street or putting it in a place where criminals can easily get to then your car is not safe.

Learn about your car

The best way to ensure you don’t get ripped off by a mechanic is to learn more about your car so you have some basic knowledge about what is going on. A rogue trader typically likes to rip off people who are clueless about the problem, but this can’t happen if you have been doing your research.

Get an estimate

Never under any circumstances allow a mechanic to start work on your car without getting an estimate first. If you don’t get this, then you are basically handing them a blank check and saying you don’t care how much they charge you.

Instead, always get an estimate before work starts and get them to sign their name to it and request they seek your permission first if any other work needs to be carried out. Sure, the price might go a bit over what they estimated, but it won’t be much.

Shop around

The main mistake a lot of people make is feeling like they have to hire the first mechanic they go and see. It’s almost like they are obligated once the car is parked in their garage. Don’t make this mistake.

You are well within your rights to shop around and take it to as many garages as you want for a second, third, or even fourth quote.