money calculatorThere was a time when medical negligence was a topic we knew nothing about, but these days you can’t even pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing more horror stores of doctors treating patients unfairly.

Make no mistake about it, medical negligence cases are definitely on the rise, and some people are even calling for serious action to be taken by the government so the medical industry can be cleaned up.

Have you been treated poorly by a doctor? If so, then these five medical negligence tips could help you claim thousands of pounds. Read on to discover more…

Get help

The first step to get the money you deserve is by seeking the help of a professional. In other words, you need to hire a solicitor who can take on your case and guide you through the process. There are many solicitors out there all vying for your business, so make sure do some research before coming to a final decision.

Start right away

Don’t leave it for another few months or years, as this severely hinders your chance of claiming any money at all. The more time that passes since you were treated unfairly by a doctor, the more chance they will be able to get away with it completely scot free.

Get a second opinion

The main mistake people make when pursuing a medical negligence case is not getting a second opinion from a qualified medical professional. In a nutshell, without a second opinion it basically comes down to your word against theirs, and if you don’t have any further evidence then don’t expect to win the case.

Work out your loss of earnings

Many times, people will be away from their job for many weeks or even months due to medical negligence. For this reason, you need to keep detailed records of all the loss of earnings you have suffered so you can be compensated accordingly.

Be prepared for a settlement

It’s common knowledge that the majority of doctors don’t want the case to go to court as it could hurt their reputation. This is why settlements are usually offered, where you have the chance to accept a lump sum payment for your physical and emotional distress.

Whether you accept this settlement is completely up to you, although if you do decide to decline, then you must be aware that going to court is very risky as you could end up with nothing.