money balancingIf you want to discover extra dollars in your monthly budget, then saving money during your grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Supermarkets are all in competition for your custom, and if you play it right then there is no reason you can’t save thousand of dollars a year.

Here are some grocery shopping money saving tips:

Go natural

Eating natural processed and jink foods might be convenient, but they also come with a higher price tag. In order to save money, buy foods as naturally as possible, without all of the expensive packaging and plastic. Look for vegetables, herbs, fruits, beef jerky and fish so you are able to cook meals from scratch.

Make a plan

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with the intention of not spending much money, only to end up spending a lot of money. This is because you are not planning what you’re going to buy in advance, and are just buying whatever you see. Make a plan and stick to it, being very careful not to go over budget.

Don’t use credit cards

Another way people end up overspending when grocery shopping is to take their credit card and then start spending money they don’t really have. It’s a much better idea to take cash, which makes it impossible to overspend.

Use coupons

Because there is so much competition between supermarkets they are constantly offering coupons on your favorite products and brands. Where do you find these coupons you might be asking? Well, for one you can check newspapers and magazines, as well as the official supermarket websites themselves. Also, check with family and friends, as people often save coupons they don’t end up using.

Buy in bulk

If a tin of chicken soup costs 1 dollar, but you can a pack of 10 tins for 9 dollars, then common sense tells you it’s worth buying in bulk to save money. This is especially true with tinned and canned goods, as they typically have long expiry dates so they can stored for a long time and eaten at any time.

Check the special offers

These grocery shopping money saving tips wouldn’t be complete without telling you to check the special offers that each supermarket currently has available You do this on their website, and then carefully choose where the best deals are to be found so you are able to save the most amount of money.