houseThe property market in New Zealand is looking strong once again, which means it will soon become a sellers market as people look start buying once again.

One of the great things about this type of environment is that it’s a lot easier to get maximum value for your house, which is in complete contrast to a few years ago where prices were at a historic low.

Why be happy with “maximum value” though, when, with a few shrewd moves on your part you can double the value of your house, giving you the potential to make even more money when it comes time to sell.

Loft conversion

A really easy way to add value to your home is with a loft conversion. This gives you an extra bedroom, which instantly makes the property more expensive in the market and attracts buyers looking to spend more money.

Garden renovation

It’s amazing how some simple changes in the garden adds value to your house. As you are no doubt aware, garden sheds in New Zealand are very popular, so make sure you have one of those. Also, consider getting a greenhouse, some professional work done on the lawn, as well as new fencing and a patio.

Add a conservatory

An alternative to building an extension onto your house is to add a conservatory. Not only does this give your property extra value, but it also adds to the overall appeal of the house, which means it won’t sit around long when listed on the property market. Just make sure the style of the conservatory fits in with the style of your house, as getting it wrong could decrease the value.

Convert the garage

Many people are happy with a driveway for the car and are not necessarily bothered about keeping it in a garage. Because of this, you might want to consider converting the garage into a living space, which is guaranteed to add a lot of value onto the property.

Spend money in the kitchen

If you are going to change one room in the house to add value then it should be the kitchen. Not only do we cook there, but we also talk, watch TV, and have parties in the kitchen, making it the focal point of the house. Make sure all of the appliances are up-to-date, as well as installing great looking cupboards, worktops, and flooring. It’s these type of things that go a long way in doubling the value of your house in New Zealand.