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Starting a Manufacturing Business – Step by Step

drillThere has never been a better time than right now to start your own manufacturing business. The economy is on the up once again, and most importantly, consumers are spending money on products they need and want.

This creates opportunity for a smart entrepreneur such as yourself, as you can easily find a gap in the market and start producing something that will sell like hotcakes.

Keen to get started? Then simply follow our step by step guide.

Choose the right niche

It all begins with choosing a niche. Don’t make the mistake of going too broad as there is often a lot of competition, while at the same time if you go too narrow then you won’t have enough customers. Try and find some middle ground that gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money without much competition.

You should also look to enter a market that interests you or you are knowledgeable about. Don’t choose a niche that you have zero interest in, as you’ll quickly become bored and lose interest.

Finding a production facility

The best advise you can get when starting a manufacturing business is to start small and only upgrade when you begin getting lots of orders. With this in mind, it’s not uncommon to see entrepreneurs start out in their home with basic equipment or in a small production facility that is cheap to rent so costs can be kept low.

When the time is right them move to bigger premises, although you may need to secure funding or a loan to make this a reality.

Getting equipment and machines

Quite possibly the most difficult part of starting a manufacturing business is getting the right equipment and machines to begin making products. At first, it can be a trial and error process when you are trying to find your feet, but once the initial problems are out of the way then you should start to see progress.

Also, make sure any equipment or machines you buy have the correct tools such as a Delatech gas scrubber or something similar so everything runs smoothly and there are minimal interruptions

Working out logistics

Once you have a finished product and it is ready to hit the shelves and start being sold to the public, then you must work out the logistics of getting it there.

You need to come to agreements with buyers and wholesalers, at prices that are beneficial for everyone involved. If everything goes well and more orders are placed, then organizing reliable transport for your goods is essential.

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Online Shop Owners – Get More Sales at Christmas!

shop onlineIt doesn’t matter what type of items you sell online, you’ll find that Christmas will be the most busiest time of the year.

However, many online shop owners don’t do enough to maximize their sales, which means they end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t let this happen to you. Read the following information and learn how to get more sales at Christmas.

Start early

The first step is to start your Christmas push early. Many shop owners leave it until the end of November or even early December, but by this time you’ve already missed out on a lot of potential trade.

It’s now commonly accepted that early October is when many people start doing their Christmas shopping, so make sure you are fully prepared around this time.

Offer gift wrapping

Did you know that an online customer doing Christmas shopping is more likely to buy something from your website if you offer gift wrapping. Many people don’t want the hassle of wrapping things themselves anymore, so doing it all for them is like the icing on the cake.

You could use Christmas boxes to put the items in and then wrap them up for a professional finish.

Optimize your website

There are many different factors that need to be looked at when it comes to your website. Firstly, is your hosting company able to cope with a sudden surge of traffic to your site? If they can’t and your site goes down, then you’ll end up losing sales.

Next, is your website easy to navigate and does it install trust in potential customers? When people don’t feel secure or they have a hard time finding what they want to buy, then expect them to be gone in no time at all to a rival shop.

Lastly, are you accepting as many payment options as possible? In this day and age there are many ways that people can pay, such as debit card, credit card and Paypal.

Have a special offer

More than ever before online shoppers are looking for discounts and incentives in order to save money and get more for their dollars. This is why having some kind of special offer during the Christmas period ensures you attract people onto your site so they can spend some money.

You might want to experiment with different kinds of offers to see what works best, such as 20% off if you spend over a certain amount or a buy one get one free type of deal.

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3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investing

architectureIf you aspire to be as rich as real estate tycoons like Than Merrill or Donald Trump then you might be wondering exactly what is the best way to make money?

Real estate investing has many different areas, and in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success you must pick something that you are interested in and understand completely

With this in mind, here are 3 ways to make money in real estate investing:

Long term rentals

Quite possibly the most popular form of investing in real estate is long term rentals. This is where you buy a property and then rent it out to tenants on a long term basis, with the goal of making a return on your investment with the monthly rental income.

The main downsides to this method is that getting a bad tenant can actually end up costing you money, as well as the fact that you are usually liable for repairs that need to be carried out around the property.

Fix and flip

When you don’t want to tie up your money in a long term rental, and you just want to see some quick cash in your bank account, then a good old fashioned “fix and flip” is the way to go.

This is where you buy a property cheaply that requires a bit of work, fix it up, and then put it back on the market at a price that gives you a nice profit. It really doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than that, as this is the exact formula that many people have followed to become millionaires.

The main problem with fixing and flipping is finding a reliable contractor that will get the job done for you at a reasonable price.

Real estate investment trusts

For people who don’t like the idea of actually buying properties, investing in real estate investment trusts, or REITs for short, is a proven way to see a return on your money. This is a bit like investing in stocks and mutual funds, and is something that can be done from the comfort of your own home on a computer or laptop.

Just make sure that you fully understand what you are doing before parting with any money, because this kind of investing is a fast moving world where your money can quickly be lost in a few minutes and it’s all too easy to go completely broke and wonder what just happened.

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How to Double the Value of Your House in New Zealand

houseThe property market in New Zealand is looking strong once again, which means it will soon become a sellers market as people look start buying once again.

One of the great things about this type of environment is that it’s a lot easier to get maximum value for your house, which is in complete contrast to a few years ago where prices were at a historic low.

Why be happy with “maximum value” though, when, with a few shrewd moves on your part you can double the value of your house, giving you the potential to make even more money when it comes time to sell.

Loft conversion

A really easy way to add value to your home is with a loft conversion. This gives you an extra bedroom, which instantly makes the property more expensive in the market and attracts buyers looking to spend more money.

Garden renovation

It’s amazing how some simple changes in the garden adds value to your house. As you are no doubt aware, garden sheds in New Zealand are very popular, so make sure you have one of those. Also, consider getting a greenhouse, some professional work done on the lawn, as well as new fencing and a patio.

Add a conservatory

An alternative to building an extension onto your house is to add a conservatory. Not only does this give your property extra value, but it also adds to the overall appeal of the house, which means it won’t sit around long when listed on the property market. Just make sure the style of the conservatory fits in with the style of your house, as getting it wrong could decrease the value.

Convert the garage

Many people are happy with a driveway for the car and are not necessarily bothered about keeping it in a garage. Because of this, you might want to consider converting the garage into a living space, which is guaranteed to add a lot of value onto the property.

Spend money in the kitchen

If you are going to change one room in the house to add value then it should be the kitchen. Not only do we cook there, but we also talk, watch TV, and have parties in the kitchen, making it the focal point of the house. Make sure all of the appliances are up-to-date, as well as installing great looking cupboards, worktops, and flooring. It’s these type of things that go a long way in doubling the value of your house in New Zealand.

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Online Schools – What You Should Know

online learningThere are now thousands of Online Schools offering a huge range of courses and training programs to help you achieve whatever you want. You could do a law degree, become a qualified stock broker, or just even revisit your high school education to get better grades than you did first time around.

While the trend of online learning continues to become more popular, there are some things you should know before enrolling in your first course.

It might not be for you

Learning through an online school offers many benefits, such as being able to work at your own pace, not having to leave the house, and having a huge range of courses to choose from.

However, it’s not for everybody, as some people prefer the face to face interaction they get with tutors in a traditional classroom setting.

Accredited by the US department of education

When choosing an online school it’s essential that you look for one that has been accredited by the US department of education.

This shows a commitment to high quality, and that everything being taught is in line with the curriculum in top schools around the country. It also means that any certification you get at the end of the course will be legitimate, rather than not worth the paper it is printed on.

Enroll in the right course

Confused about which course to enroll in? The best way to make your decision easier is to start with the end in mind. Where do you want it to take you and what kind of qualifications do you need to get there?

For example, if you aspire to be a journalist, then a course designed specifically for journalists would be the right choice, rather than a creative writing class or an English degree.

Have the right computer

There are certain requirements your computer will need to meet in order to participate in an online school, and if it isn’t up to the job then it’s time to buy something a bit more up-to-date.

Many courses online give you the opportunity to join in webcasts and online discussions, as well as install software and tools that help you in your learning. Getting the right computer is an important part of making this happen and having everything needed to be successful.

The final word

Understanding the online school industry is not complicated, and as long as you keep the tips above in mind then everything should go smoothly. Enjoy your learning.

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Easy Ways to Save Money Around The House

property savingsEverybody could use a few extra dollars in their pocket each month, but finding ways to save money is not always straight forward. Many financial experts agree that the best place to start is around the house, as making just a few simple changes could turn into hundreds of extra dollars without much effort.

Keen to find out more? Keep reading to discover the easy ways you can save money around the house.

The television

Did you know that the humble television could be sucking money right out of your wallet, and you’re not even realizing it? For example, leaving the TV on at night wastes unnecessary electricity, while at the same time, expensive cable packages with hundreds of channels you don’t watch are costing you money.

With this in mind, always turn off the TV at the plug when not in use, and downgrade or get rid of cable completely, and opt for a cheaper service such as Netflix.

Buy items online

No matter if you are looking to buy curtain fabric or a new computer, you will almost always find the best prices online.

Amazon is usually a good starting point for general items, while specialist online stores are the best choice when you want to buy something more specific with more options. Don’t worry, entering your credit card details online is now perfectly safe as long as you are dealing with a trusted retailer.

Plan your meals

Want to know a simple trick for saving hundreds, and even thousands of dollars over the next 12 months? All you have to do is plan your meals on a weekly basis and then you are in a perfect position to buy only what you need when grocery shopping.

This eliminates waste and stops you from buying items that are not essential. As long as you stick to your meal plans then you will save money…guaranteed.

Turn off lights

Why do millions of people leave on lights when they are not even in the room? The amount of money thrown down the drain due to wasted electricity is staggering, and could be avoided completely if you just got into the habit of turning off lights when you leave the room or house.

Another good tips is to buy energy saving light bulbs that use up to 80% less electricity than ordinary light bulbs without any noticeable decrease in quality. They are slightly more expensive to buy initially, but over the long term you end up saving a lot of money.

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How to Appreciate Your Staff (and Keep Them Productive)

staffIn order for your business to keep bringing in the profits, it’s important that you appreciate your staff and keep them happy. As they say, a happy worker is a productive worker, and that’s essential if you want to keep everything running smoothly.

With all of this in mind you might be wondering how to appreciate your staff on a regular basis? You might think that simply paying them a salary is enough to achieve this, but in many cases it isn’t.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help you appreciate your staff and keep them productive. Read on to find out more…

Give them gifts

Every now and again it is a good idea to reward your staff with gifts to show them how much their hard work is appreciated. These kind of gifts don’t need to be expensive, and they can be as simple as some nice chocolates or a selection of beauty products.

Another nice touch is to put them in gift boxes which you can buy online here – for the best prices.

Ask their opinion

Another way to appreciate your staff more is to ask them their opinion about certain aspects of the business.

This shows that you value their input, are willing to listen to their ideas, and regard them as an important member of the team, which ultimately, shows them appreciation and helps to increase productivity.

Organize parties

Although most companies have parties during the Christmas period, for the rest of the year this is usually an area that is neglected.

However, by organizing a couple of parties throughout the year, you are clearly demonstrating that you appreciate and value your staff. Maybe have a party around Easter time and then an outdoor party is the Summer? This will go a long way to improve staff morale.

Be flexible about their holidays

Some bosses are very strict about when their staff can take holidays, almost to the point where it ends up causing someone to quit because they can’t get time off when they want.

That’s why being flexible about when people take holidays is a smart move when you want to keep everyone happy. Sure, it might not be ideal that someone wants to take 2 weeks off during the busiest time of the year, but organizing adequate cover is not usually that hard.


If you follow the tips above then you will go a long way in making your staff feel appreciated. This makes them more productive, which makes you more money in the long run.

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Main Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Clothes Online

sweatersWhen you consider that most clothes are cheaper online than on the high street, then it’s easy to see why millions of consumers now shop this way.

Not only that, but it’s also incredibly convenient, and with only a few clicks of your mouse you can do all of your clothes shopping in a lazy afternoon.

Buying clothes online does have some downsides though, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, if you get the measurements wrong in the ordering process then you’ll end up with clothes that don’t fit and have to be sent back, which ultimately, ends up wasting your time.

Below are the main things to keep in mind when shopping online:

Choose a trusted retailer

Don’t make the mistake of shopping at the first retailer you come across, as they might not be the safest. Unfortunately, credit card details are still being stolen online, which means you need to take the right precautions to keep yourself safe.

Let’s say you are shopping for movie costumes online and want to find a trusted retailer. The best way to do this is by searching on Google for relevant keywords and then going to one of the sites at the top of the results.

In this case, the best site would be as they always come out on top, so you can feel very confident about entering your credit card details and completing the transaction.

Look out for the shipping charges

Whenever you are buying clothes online then you’ll often have to pay shipping charges to get the package delivered to your front door. This is not always straight forward though, and many people get tricked into paying more than they should.

For this reason, it’s essential that you pay very close attention to the final price, and then look to see exactly how much you are being charged for shipping.

Also, be aware that many clothing retail sites will automatically add next day delivery to your order, which in many cases is a lot more expensive than normal delivery.

Understand the refund policy

Sometimes you will buy an item of clothing that just doesn’t fit. It’s frustrating, but it happens, and when it does you will have to send it back for a refund.

The vast majority of internet clothing retailers offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee, as long as you keep the tags on and send it back in the same condition as you received it.

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6 Ways to Spend 10 Thousand Dollars

dollarsMaybe you’ve just had a small win on the lottery? Or perhaps you found a stash of cash in the attic? It doesn’t matter how you came across 10 thousand dollars, all that matters right now is how you are going to spend it? Let’s give you some ideas…

Invest in real estate

Is $10,000 enough to buy a house or apartment? No. But if you go through a service like then you can buy a percentage of a property and start to earn rental income. Pretty good wouldn’t you agree?

Write the next great novel

If you fancy yourself as an author, then 10 thousand dollars could be used to get your novel out there. Sure, writing it won’t cost you much, but paying for services such as editing, designing, and publicity soon beings to add up. 10 thousand dollars is a good start.

Get a big TV

Have you ever wanted one of those huge LCD TV’s that cover your entire wall? This is your chance, as $10,000 should buy you a pretty big TV from a well known brand name such as Sony or Hitachi. Get some surround sound speakers and you are all set for a great experience watching your favorite shows and movies.

Travel round the world

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get out of small town America and see some of the world. With this kind of money you can, as you’ve now got more than enough to buy a round the world ticket and also have enough left over for accommodation and food. You could soon be touring countries in Europe, Asia, and South America and having a great time.

Save the money

Sometimes it’s best to play it safe, and there is nothing more safe than putting 10 thousand dollars into a savings account with your bank. It might be a little bit boring, and most people won’t be able to do it, but it is the sensible approach. Just make sure you put the money in a savings account that gives you a high rate of interest.

Spend it in 1 day

If you want to go really crazy then why not try spending 10 thousand dollars in one day? You could treat your family to a meal at a very expensive restaurant, rent a Ferrari for the day, or even just walk around the streets giving the money away. This kind of spending spree isn’t for everybody, but it will certainly be a memorable experience.

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When to Get a Loan (and When Not to)

loans signWhen you need cash quickly, applying for a personal loan is often one of the best ways to have funds in your bank account by the end of the day. However, there seems to be an alarming trend of people getting a loan when they don’t really need one, and once someone starts to get into this habit then it can lead to money problems and even bankruptcy.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to understand exactly when you should get a loan and when to avoid one completely Keep reading to find out more.

When to get a loan:

Pay your bills

If you’re in a situation where you can’t pay your bills this month then a short term loan such as a payday loan could be the answer. This allows you to borrow a small amount until your next “payday,” where you can then instantly pay the money back once the wages hit your bank account.

Fund a major purchase

Buying something like a new car or house usually requires some form of a loan to help you complete the purchase, and without it you probably wouldn’t be a car or home owner. For example, a car dealership will finance you for a new car, or a mortgage company will loan you money when buying a house.

Start a business

As the old saying goes, “it takes money to make money,” and if you are thinking about starting up a new business then you’ll probably require some startup capital.

In order to reduce your risk, make sure you completely understand the business you are entering and have a business plan that shows exactly how you are going to get customers and make money.

When not to get a loan:

Buy consumer goods

The quickest way to get yourself into money trouble is to start taking out loans to buy consumer goods. Let’s say that you need $500 to buy the best coffee maker on the market right now, but you just don’t have that kind of cash in your bank account…do you get a loan for it?

Absolutely not, mainly due to the fact that it’s not an essential purchase and you will be fine without it. There is nothing wrong with buying consumer goods when you can afford them. Just don’t get a loan.

Go on vacation

Everybody needs a break now and again, but is it a good idea to apply for a loan in order to get the cash so you can on vacation? The answer is no, due to the fact that you don’t really have to spend any money on a vacation.

As an example, you could easily go camping for very little cost or even go to visit family or friends. Only go on an expensive vacation when you can easily afford it.

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