The site was formed and is managed by me Franky.  I’m an ex mortgage broker and real estate agent so I get asked by friends ALL the time about financial related matters.  I would always get complimented on my advice, particularly how I made things seem easy to understand.  Someone else suggested I should start a site to share this knowledge.

Two years after the initial suggestion I started

In the interim I got broke and then fairly wealthy so I’d gained quite a bit of financial knowledge.  I’m not an expert and don’t hold myself out as one but I do understand how the financial institutions work. This includes what drives costings for mortgages and loans and what effects supply.  I try to bring that insight, where I can, to the site.

The whole point of the site is to be Pain and Upfront.  Say it as it is.  We talk to you as if you are on a bar stool next to me rather than as if you were in school. I hate all that pretension and stuffiness.

The site is not all about me, in fact my personal story doesn’t even register, the last thing people want to read about is me :)

No the site is about the readers who are often also the creators of the content.  We allow people to guest post, with certain restrictions, which in my view gives a greater range of knowledge and depth of subject as everyone has a different perspective.

We like to be interactive even though I’ve switched off comments because they became full of spam I still like to hear from people.  So please drop me an email if you want any help or advice.  Hope to see more of you in the future, enjoy!