We do accept guest posts but they have to be good!

We don’t accept any old garbage so if English is not your first language don’t contact us, we can tell you know!


Posts must be between 400 and 600 words

You are allowed one link to you and as many other links that make the article useful

Must be on a finance related topic

Must give some insight so people will be engaged by it

Prefer to have an image with it

No affiliate links or any nonsense like that, I’m not your sales machine!

Before You Contact Me

Unless you are known to me you must meet the following requirements when you contact me

1. You must give me at least 3 urls of articles you have guest posted before (not article directories genuine guest posts).  I prefer 5 so i can check the quality of your writing.

2. An idea on the topic you want to write on.

That’s about it I look forward to hearing from you guest bloggers!

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